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Seeds of Peace Donations

Seeds of Peace is a free weekly program introducing the practice of yoga and peaceful living to our local youth. 

Mission Statement

To promote peace, calmness, and unity within each individual student and to spread that peace throughout each school community/family. We will use tools such as breath awareness, relaxation techniques, physical postures and movement linked with breath, positive intentions, positive music and sound vibrations, and teamwork exercises.

Students will be focusing on looking within themselves, not outside of themselves, for peace, happiness and equanimity. We will create a fun, supportive, physically active environment that students will enjoy participating in.

As we strive to plant these "seeds of peace" within each student, it is our goal that these peaceful seeds will continue to grow and spread throughout the school community and beyond to teachers, family and friends.

We will recognize that we are all united, all family, and all here on our Earth to ultimately help each other out. 


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Seeds of Peace is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your donations can be tax deductible. Tax ID #20-5151528