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Class Descriptions

Lunchtime Bliss

This is just a quickie, but it's still so good! Take a break from the office to re-energize your body, mind, and soul. Includes neck, shoulder, and forehead massage.





Sacred Sunday Flow: A great way to start the week! A vinyasa flow class for all levels with meditation and chanting.

Vinyasa Yoga, Vinyasa Bliss & Vinyasa Flow: Combining Ashtanga and Hatha poses in a fluid sequence, this class concentrates on connecting breath, bandhas (energy locks) and drishti (focus) in a smooth and strengthening experience. Detoxify and invigorate your body as your personal wisdom, intuition and acceptance are deeply encouraged. All levels welcome.

Beginner Yoga: For the beginning level practitioner (first class - first year). Class will include a fundamental breakdown of core hatha yoga postures, an awareness of breath and an opportunity for stillness.

Happy Hour: A class that will move, vinyasa form, much like Lunchtime Bliss. There will be an emphasis on heart opening postures that will make us happy! All levels welcome.

Pranayam: The loving & sacred practice of breathing is open to all ages (9 to 90). The control & proper breathing will take your anxiety, depression, mental and hyper-tension, & "incurable" diseases away. Regular practice of Pranayam is the permanent solution for high blood pressure, heart blockages, diabetes, allergies & asthma.

Stretch for Life: Get flexible to the extreme in this fun and exciting class. All levels welcome.

Restorative/Healing Yoga: A class that is influence by restorative and yin styles and is aimed towards those who work their bodies out really hard several times a week, whether its through yoga, CrossFit, running, etc. It would include a slow warm up, followed by a variation on sun salutations to get the body warm, then going into deeper stretching with the support of props. Farren's Restorative classes will include didgeridoo sound healing.

Hatha Level 1: A balanced and foundational approach to the world of Yoga. Beginners to advanced and all body types. Healing Didgeridoo sound healing included!

Ashtanga Yoga: A theoretical and practical exploration of yoga as a system to overcome the obstacles between the unreal and the real. We will be experimenting with classical yogic tools like asana, pranayama, mantra and meditation. All levels welcome.