**Looking for artists to display their work on First Friday and throughout the month

Contact Cheryl 702-592-1396 to display art and for private yoga and reiki.


Fly & Thai Workshop with Billy
Saturday 10/14 6:00-11:11 pm
An opportunity for full grown children (adults) to come together, play and heal. No partner necessary, all levels welcome for this therapeutic focused gathering!!

Qigong-Tao of Revitalization & Internal Healing with Farren
Sunday 10/15 3:30-5:30 pm
Practice ancient Taoist exercises for revitalizing the body & balancing & connecting body & mind. At the end of a magical session the sound of the Sacred Didgeridoo will be offered while in savasana to complete the cycle of rejuvenation.

Hug Healing with Kevin & Diana & Billy
Sunday 10/22 3:33-5:00 pm
The hug, will be discussed & practiced. Techniques to better your hugging experience will be proposed & raw chocolate will be served to help you drop into a relaxed state. Bring friends or come solo; EVERYONE GETS HUGGED!

Maha Savasana with Billy
Sunday 10/22 5:45-7:30 pm
Come drown deep with us as we practice the most "essential" of poses for our society. We will explore the art of relaxation as an integral component to allow present moment focus to flourish. Pranayama (breath work), trataka (fixed gaze), mantra & other varieties of meditation with YES! multiple savasanas may all be a part of this experience to help us develop dharana (concentration) & provide fertile ground for dhyana (meditation) to spontaneously arise. The savasanas will include a sweet serenade by Diana Rohle on the harmonium. Bring a blanket and/or meditation cushion for added support.

Yin Yoga, Aromatherapy & Reiki with Nina
Saturday 10/28 4:15-6:15 pm
Yin Yoga, a calming practice forming soft shapes with your body using yoga props for comfort in the midst of aromatherapy, inspirational quotes and reiki that will whisk you away into a peaceful space of rejuvenation. Suggested $20 love donation.

Bend Me Back Workshop with Jen Knox
Sunday 10/29 3:30-5:00 pm
Ah, the beloved back bend. They can be challenging, invigorating, exciting and beautiful. They can cause a dread, a sense of distrust or discomfort. They stretch and strengthen in so many ways and areas that we may not even really understand what's happening let alone what's going on. Let's discover our body, learn a few fundamentals, play and observe together. Suggested $25. All levels welcome!